• Development Of High Value Apparel/Home Textiles By Jute, Ramie And Protein Fibres Blending. Project Code- PDQA/M P – 28. PI-Dr. Kartick Kumar Samanta, Scientist.
  • Development of Computerised Measuring System of Liquid Propagation Of Textiles, Project Code- AST/ MP-25, PI- Dr. S. Sengupta.
  • Development Of Automatic Power Ribboner, Decorticator And Suitable Retting Tank For Extraction Of Bast Fibre. Project Code- AST/ TOT/ 2021-01. PI- Dr. V.B. Sambhu.
  • Up-Gradation Of Automatic Jute Grading System. Project Code- AST/QEI/2021-02. Dr. Nagesh Kumar T, Scientist
  • Development Of The ICT Based System For Promotion And Transfer Of Institute Developed Technologies. Project Code- AST/TOT/ 2021-03. PI-Shri Sujai Das, Scientist.
  • Development Of Laminated Needle Punched Nonwoven For Impermeable Light Weight Packaging. Project Code- PDQA/M P – 21. PI-Dr Surajit Sengupta, Pr. Scientist.
  • Diversified Uses Of Chemically Modified Ramie. Project Code- PDQA/M P – 23. PI-Er. Manik Bhowmick, Scientist.
  • Development Of Carpet Underlay From Sunhemmp Fibre. Project Code- PDQA/M P – 26, PI-Dr Surajit Sengupta, Pr. Scientist.
  • Development Of Blended Textiles From Indian Flax Fibre For Technical Application. Project Code- PDQA/M P – 27. PI-Dr. Sanjoy Debnath, Pr. Scientist.  
  • Inventory Of Natural Fibre Resources And Spatial Variability Of Fibre Quality Of Jute, Mesta, Flax And Ramie. Project Code- PDQA/QEI/2021-04 PI-Dr. Biplab Saha, Pr. Scientist 
  • Development And Refinement Of Retting Technologies For Sustenance Of Famers’ Income. Project Code- PDQA/QEI/2021-05 PI-Dr. D. P. Ray, Pr. Scientist.
  • Sustainable Innovative Bleaching Of Ligno-cellulosic Fibres And Its Effect On Dyeing Behaviour. Project Code- BPT/CBP-22 PI- S. N. Chattopadhyay, Pr. Scientist. 
  • Study Of Soil Hydro-Thermal Environment Under Natural Vs Synthetic Mulch. Project Code- BPT/M P – 24 PI-Dr. Nilimesh Mridha, Scientist. 
  • Jute-Based Active Packaging Systems for Use in Agro-Commodities. Project Code- BPT/CBP/2021-07 PI-Dr. P. C. Sarkar, Pr. Scientist.
  • Development Of Value-Added Products From Banana Plant Waste. Project Code- BPU/M P – 22 PI-Dr Kartick Kumar Samanta, Scientist.
  • Development Of Fire Retardant And Termite Proof Particle Board From Whole Jute Plant. Project Code- BPU/CBP-20 PI- L. Ammayappan, Pr. Scientist. 
  • Exploring Microbial Production Of Bacterial Cellulosic Fibre And Its Applications. Project Code- BPU/QEI/2021-09 PI-Dr. Atul Singha, Sr. Scientist.
  • Extraction Of Quality Keratin From Coarse Wool. Project Code- ANT/QEI-25 PI-Dr. Avijit Das, Pr Scientist.
  • Production Of High-Value Crystalline Cellulose Micro-particle From Fibre Yielding Plants. Project Code- ANT/CBP-21 PI-Dr. R. K. Ghosh, Scientist. 
  • Branding Of ICAR-NINFET Innovations For Technology Transfer And Star-up Creations Project Code- CBED/TOT-13 PI-Dr. S. B. Roy, Pr Scientist.
  • Techno-Economic Feasibility Study Of ICAR-NINFET’s Developed Technologies. Project Code- CBED/TOT/2021-10 PI-Dr. S. B. Roy, Pr. Scientist.
  • Popularization Of Institute Developed Technologies Through Different Activities. Project Code- CBED/TOT/2021-11 PI-Dr. L. K. Nayak, Pr. Scientist.

(Last updated on 25.08.2021)

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