The first patent obtained by NIRJAFT scientists was as early as in 1954. It had a little of "Brightening of dark hessian" (Patent no:53248 of 1954), Applicants were P. K. Saha, S. S. Paul and P. B. Sarkar.

Patent granted after April, 2007





Patent No. &

Date of Grant


Method of degumming of decorticated ramie fibre by recycling of degumming liquor

Dr. S K Bhaduri,

Dr. P K Ganguly

Patent No. 220787

Date of Grant -06.05.2008


Union fabric of glass yarns and jute yarns or yarns of fibres allied to jute and method of preparing composite from the same

Dr. P K Ganguly

Patent No. 236761

Date of Grant -30.12.2009


An electrically operated portable device for in-field testing of jute fibre bundle strength

Dr. G Roy,

Mr. G K Bhattacharya,

Dr. M K Mukhopadhya

Patent No. 246007

Date of Grant -09.02.2011


A closed-loop measurement system regulating flyer's speed of a spinning machine

Dr. G Roy,

Mr. G K Bhattacharya,

Dr. S K Bhattacharya

Patent No. 247513

Date of Grant -13.04.2011


A composite system for measuring hairiness of coarser and finer jute yarns

Dr. S N Ghosh,

Dr. M K Naskar

Dr. S K Bhattacharyya

Patent No. 247684

Date of Grant -02.05.2011

Applied for Patent after April, 2007




(Application No.)


Date of publication & Journal No


A pineapple leaf fibre decorticator assembly


Dr. D. Nag,

Dr. S. Debnath

P.D. 19.6.2009

J. No. 25/2009


Technology for wrapping jute yarn for improving the extension and reducing hairiness


Dr. A. N. Roy, Dr. G. Basu, Mr. G. K. Bhattacharya

P.D. 15.1.2010

J.No. 3/2010


A method for producing jute-hollow polyester blended yarn, union fabric of said yarn and method of preparing said union fabric and shawl from the said yarn (1187/KOL/2008)

Dr. S. Debnath,

Dr. S. Sengupta,

Mr. U. S. Singh

P.D. 15.1.2010

J.No. 3/2010


A method for incorporating surface pattern on nonwoven feed material by needle punching in a needle loom system

Dr. S. Sengupta &

Dr. A. N. Roy

P.D. 20.08.2010

J.No. 34/2010


A retting composition for water saving process of retting jute ribbons for extraction of fibre


Dr. S.K. Bhaduri,

Mr. M





A blanket from jute-hollow polyester blended bulk yarn and method of preparing the same


Dr. S. Debnath, Mr. G. K. Bhattacharyya,

Mr. U. S. Singh

Application not yet published


A device and a process for measurement of moisture content in jute and allied natural fibre products


Dr. G. Roy,

Mr. G. K. Bhattacharyya

Application not yet published


Method of chemical retting of coconut fibres and preparing yarns from said fibres


Dr. G Bose, Ms. L Mishra, Mr. R Chakroborty, Sk. Md. Jaheer Abbas

This is a complete application


Electronic Fineness Tester of Jute & Allied Fibres


Dr. G Roy, Dr. S C Saha, Dr. K K Satapathy

This is a complete application


Integrated Grading System of jute


Dr. G Roy

This is a provisional application

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