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Sophisticated Analytical Instruments Facility (SAIF) Corner

ICAR-NIRJAFT was established in 1938 and scientists working in this institute have since then made notable contributions in science and technology of jute and allied fibres. During this period a cultural ethos was simultaneously cultivated and nurtured that shaped the working ambience of this institute and provided broad functional guidelines. Over the past few decades use of sophisticated instruments and cutting edge technologies has become essential in research. So, several sophisticated analytical instruments have been procured at ICAR-NIRJAFT and they are maintained in different divisions of the institute. The R&D and extension activities of the institute are mainly carried out through four divisions namely,

i) Quality Evaluation and Improvement Division

ii) Mechanical Processing Division

iii) Chemical & Biochemical Processing Division and

iv) Transfer of Technology Division.

All the sophisticated Analytical Instruments are located and maintained by different divisions based on the activity of the respective divisions. These instruments are not only costly but they require costly maintenance also for smooth functioning. The students and researchers working in different institutions can utilise these facilities on charge basis and hence this informative corners have been created in the institute website named ICAR- NIRJAFT SAIF CORNER.

How to use the facility:

All the communications regarding use of facility should be address to the Director, ICAR- NIRJAFT, who will then redirect to concerned Head of Division based on the instrumental facility asked for. The Payment of testing may be done by Demand Draft in the name of ICAR NIRJAFT payable at Kolkata. All the requisitions received will be arranged serially and testing of samples will be done accordingly. The results will be communicated as per available standards. The charges of testing has been mentioned against each available instrument.

The following Sophisticated Analytical Instrument are available under the supervision of different Divisions.

[1] Quality Evaluation and Improvement Division

(a) Digital Moisture Meter for Jute (Handy type)

(b) Digital Colour Lustre Meter for Multiple Fibre

(c) Digital Fineness Meter for Multiple Fibre

(d) Thermal Insulation Value Tester

(e) Automatic Electronic Fibre Bundle Strength Tester for multiple fibres

(f) UV VIS Spectrophotometer


(h) Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

[2] Mechanical Processing Division

(a) Universal tensile tester (Tenacity extension and modulus of fibre using ASTM standard)

(b) Universal tensile tester (Tensile, creep and modulus of fibre yarn using ASTM standard)

(b) Yarn twist tester

(c) Yarn abrasion tester

(d) Universal tensile tester (Trapezoidal Tearing Strength for fabric using ASTM standard)

(f) Air permeability tester

(g) Fire retardency tester

(h) Fabric bursting strength tester for geotextile/ technical textile

(i) Universal tensile tester for geotextile/ technical textile

(j) Apparent opening size tester

(k) In plane water permeability tester

(l) Universal tensile tester

(m) Interface frictional tester

(n) Gradient ratio tester

(o) Fabric abrasion tester

[3] Chemical and Bio-chemical Division

(a) FTIR with ATR

(b) Instron

(c) Computerized colour matching (CCM) system

(d) Weather Fastness Tester

(e) BET Surface Area analyser


Address for communication:

The Director,
ICAR- National Institute of Research on Jute & Allied Fibre Technology (NIRJAFT),
12, Regent Park, 
Kolkata - 700040.
West Bengal, India.
Phone: +91 33 2471 1807 (Director),  +91 33 2421 2115/16/17 (EPBX)   
Fax: +91 33 2471 2583  
Email: [i]
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